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AKC Ch “LOTHAR”-Penny vd. Vanenblikhoeve,
DN16444602, bred by Gerard Brunjtes. Atheletic boy! Never stops or rests! Intense! Exceptional head, dark pigment, correct harsh coat, good bone and upbeat, happy attitude with lots of drive. Lothar produces excellent head, conformation and DRIVE. See LotharXFancy War "BRAINY" Beauty Hit Alivet practicing personal protection/bite work. It could be the dedicated owners too but it makes it a lot easier when you have a puppy/dog that wants it!
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AKC Grand Champion Ch War Bouviator I-"GUS"toff, ABdFC HIT, AKC HIT, CGC, TDI, ABdFC VBX AWARD

DN22226701, Owned by Denise and Tom Hunse , Bouviator Kennels, and co-owned with Debbie and Steve Potter, War Bouviers. Proven stud producing type, head and bone with perfect bites in multiple litters. Gus goes back to Ivan, Thunder and Dutch. He has lots of body and SUBSTANTIAL bone, big head, excellent earset, dark mouth/gum pigment, big white teeth, perfect bite, has short back/loin with a harsh black/brindle coat and happy, somewhat pushy, upbeat attitude and doesn't hesitate to guard his territory. Gus was spot shown in January 2011 as a Special. He was ranked a Top 20 Bouvier in Jan and Feb 2011 in Breed and All Breed. Gus qualified to show at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in 2009/2010/2011. Gus passed the ABdFC sponsored Herding Instinct Test at the 2011 Nationals and the AKC tests in Jan 2012. Gus earned his Versatility Bouvier Excellence Award (VBX) from the American Bouvier des Flandres Club (ABdFC) in 2013. This award is given to dogs based upon points in categories based upon the dog's titles, progeny's titles, and their owner's community activities. To View Gus Playing click here. Click to view Gus get.


AKC Ch War Bouviator “JET”
by Ch Kashmir-Dustie War Flandryjskiego Gniazda, "CASH" X Ch "KAY"-Dustie vd Vanenblikhoeve. Owned by Debbie Potter, War Bouviers and Mick Coyne. Jet finished with 4 Majors and placed in the 2010 and 2011 Bred By Exhibitor Class at the ABdFC Nationals-a huge honor for a Breeder! Jet has a gorgeous headpiece, beautiful neck, LOTS of body, wide rear, short backed, good leg and harsh coat-he's joy to watch! He also ALWAYS has a ball or toy in his mouth just like his dam Kay.


AKC CH War Bouviator Dewerckers Ekabus Shadow “MAX”, AKC HIT,
born 4.29.11. By AKC Ch “EKABU ” V Dafzicht X AKC Ch Hit Alivet Boanergos War "MIKA". Pictured at 2.5 years old winning Best of Breed over specials. Max has his AKC Herding Instinct Certificate, and has been introduced to dock dog. He is an up and busy boy with a wonderful coat and short back. Owned by Debbie Potter and co-owned with Tess and Mike Hood.


AKC GCH War Bouviator Ekabu's Mercury v Dewerckers "STERLING" RAE, CAA, HSAsd, HSAdM, CGC, JHD, VBX
, born 1.28.12, by AKC Ch "EKABU" V Dafzicht X AKC Ch War Bouviator "IVANNA". His titles suggest and prove he is a great specimen of the breed, a herder with prey drive and a smart dog that listens and has control. Physically, Sterling has a square well muscled body, grey brindle correct harsh coat, deep chest with a well sprung rib cage, nice front and rear, dark pigmentation in mouth and dark eyes. At the 2012 National Specialty Sterling became the youngest Bouvier @ 8.5 months on record to be awarded the Rally Novice (RN) Title. On 11.17.12, he became the youngest Bouvier @ 9.5 months on record to be awarded the Herding Tested (HT) Title. He earned his AHBA Junior Herding Dog (JHD) Title in Dec 2012 . In 2013 Sterling earned his AKC CH at 14 mons. 2013 National Specialty Sterling was awarded the Tammy White Memorial Trophy for Highest Scoring CH of Rec at the Started level in Herding, in addition to receiving his Rally Advanced (RA) Title and Versatile Basic Bouvier (VBB) Award from the American Bouvier des Flandres Club. In 2014 Sterling finished his (GRC) Grand Champion Title, was the #3 Owner Handler Bouvier, earned his Versatile Bouvier Excellent Title (VBX). Owned by Kim Morissette. See Sterling on his Facebook page.

AKC Bronze GCH CH War Bouviator Ekabu's “DERINGER ”@ Dewerker
DN31130002, born 4.29.11. Pictured 3 years old. By AKC Ch “EKABU” V Dafzicht-X AKC Ch Hit Alivet Boanergos War “MIKA”. Deringer, known as "D" is currently a 2014 Top 10 ranked Conformation Bouvier in Breed/All Breed in the US handled by Alfonso Escobedo and Ashlie Whitmore. Deringer did us proud by placing 1st in his Sweepstakes and 3rd in his Futurity Classes at the 2012 American Bouvier des Flandres Nationals. Owned by Theresa and Mike Hood and Debbie Potter.

DECEASED AKC Ch War Charging “THUNDER”, April 20, 1998-July 25, 2009
DL73838701, Westminster Kennel Club 2001 Award of Merit Recipient, multiple BIS and 50+ Group 1’s , #1 All Breed Bouvier in 2001/2002. Frozen sperm available to a select few. View Thunder Get




DECEASED AKC Ch Amber Mist Tino Falsca War “DUTCH”,
, Dutch
was a top producing sire recorded by the American Bouvier des Flandres Club and a Westminster 1997 Award of Merit recipient. Frozen sperm available to a select few.




AKC CH War Bouviator Ekabu's Peekabu Negligee@Dewerckers “NIKKI”
DN31130001, born 4.29.11. Pictured 18 months old. By AKC Ch “EKABU” V Dafzicht-X AKC Ch Hit Alivet Boanergos War “MIKA”. Finished with 6 Majors. She is one showy girl and we love her movement, attitude and body. Owned by Debbie Potter, War Bouviers.


AKC CH War Bouviator “DIOR”
DN26356901 , By Ch AKC Ch "LOTHAR" Penny V.D. Vanenblikhoeve -War Kiowa "DIVA". Born 09.14.09. She finished with 5 Majors, the judges never missed her movement. Owned by Debbie Potter, War Bouviers.

AKC Ch War Bouviator “AUSSIE”
DN28661304 , born 7.22.10. She’s pictured at 3 years. By AKC GRC Ch War Bouviator I-“GUS”toff X AKC Ch Hit Alivet Boanergos War “MIKA”. Finished with 4 MAJORS.. Aussie has earned the AKC Herding Instinct Test (HIT) Certificate. She's all over type, one busy bee and we call her Houdini. Owned by Debbie Potter.

AKC CH War Bouviator Famous Silk Panties “PANTS”,
born 7.22.10, by AKC GRC Ch War Bouviator I-“GUS”toff X AKC Ch Hit Alivet Boanergos War “MIKA”. Finished with 3 Majors. Owned by Debbie Potter. Pants also has her AKC Herding Instinct Test Certificate (HIT).She’s pictured at 22 months old.


AKC CH War Bouviator Dash Ta Fame "CALLIE",
Born 12/19/2009.By AKC Ch "LOTHAR"-Penny vd. Vanenblikhoeve - War Spirit "SPICE". She finished with 4 Majors, Beautiful mover, representing old time Bouvier type. Callie has her AKC Herding Instinct Test Certificate (HIT). Owned by Debbie and Steve Potter, War Bouviers. She's pictured at 3 years and 3 months old.


AKC Ch War Bouviator “IVANNA”

, Co-owned with Denise and Tom Hunse, Bouviator Kennels. This girl finished with a Best of Breed over Specials, (2) 4 point Majors, a 3 point Major and a Bred By Exhibitor Herding Group 1 (pictured) at the Oklahoma Summer Classic in June '09. This girl is an Ivan daughter, Thunder granddaughter, and Gus's littermate. 25" at withers, Ivanna has BIG bone, harsh coat, dark pigment mouth/gums, dark eyes, a perfect bite, large head and just floats. She has an outgoing personality, is athletic, and a thinker. Invited to the AKC/Eukanuba Classic 2009/2010/2011. Retired and spayed- lives with Denise Hunse.


AKC Ch “KAY”-Dustie vd Vanenblikhoeve,

DN17233001, bred by Gerard Brunjtes. This lovely girl finished her championship very fast with a total of four majors! (3) 3 pointers and a 4 pointer.  She is one busy bee with an impressive head, short back, correct harsh coat, nice bone, powerful rear with front to match, 25” tall, FULL SIBLING TO TRUST.

European Conformation Champions/Breeding Stock    

Best In Show1 Moscow-September 2011, Best Junior Winner- Group 1 World Dog Show 2011, Russian Champion, Junior Champion of Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldavia, Romania, and Russia, Balkan Junior Winner, Central Eastern European Junior Winner, Junior Europe Champion
War Bouviator Hit Alivet Tattu’s “SAMMUEL”,
as of June 2012 (stats provided by handler and Russian Breeder), Sammuel has (15) CAC - (11) CACIB - (29) BOB - (11) BOG - (4) Res. BOG - (4) BOG III - (2) Res. BIS (3) BEST IN SHOW. By AKC Ch “LOTHAR”-Penny vd. Vanenblikhoeve X Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltic States, Israel, Finland, Luxembourg, Poland Ch Hit Alivet “TATTU”. Bred by Debbie Potter and Svetta A. Bessonov. Resides with and owned by Svetta A. Bessonov (Russia). Born 4.11.2010. Pictured 15 months in Paris at the World Dog Show 2011. Littermate to Marko owned by Kimberly and Rich Wilson and Debbie Potter. To view Sammuel’s Russian website click here. To view Sammuel in Herding Group at the 2011 World Dog Show click here. To view Sammuel on youtube click here.


War “BRAINY” Beauty Hit Alivet
pictured 9.21.09, by Ch “LOTHAR” Penny vd Vanenblikhoeve X War Ottowa “FANCY”, owned by Svetta A. Bessonov in Russia. Brainy has MANY Conformation titles in Europe and is currently training in protection work. To see Brainy practicing bite work, Click Video 1, Video 2 , Video 3, Video 4, Video 5


Ch Russia, INTERNATIONAL DOG SHOW CACIB-FCI "EURASIA-2009" 01.03.09 Junior Class
Ch Russia War “THUNDER” Hit Alivet

by Ch War Charging “THUNDER” X Ch Herdeaux Purple Haze “VIOLET
owned by Ivetta Andrianova, Russia. Sire of our “MIKA


Junior Champion Russia
War Bouviator “TEXAS

born on 10.17.10. By AKC GRC Ch War Bouviator I-“GUS”toff X Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltic States, Israel, Finland, Luxembourg, Poland Ch Hit Alivet “TATTU”. Texas is beginning  to strut his stuff in the show ring in Russia and Europe.

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