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Health testing

We have been able for years to produce healthy puppies and adults.  


Hereditary health concerns in the Bouvier des Flandres include SAS (subaortic stenosis) and glaucoma. These conditions are expensive and heart wrenching for any puppy owner. We also face hip and elbow dysplasia as do all breeders of large dogs, however, dysplasia is not always genetic and can be caused or exacerbated environmentally.

We test our breeding stock for hips, elbows, patella, heart, thyroid, and eyes. In addition to OFFA hip tests we often Penn Hip as well. You will find each of our dog's health records available on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website ( or click on their AKC registration number from this site to be directed. 


Hips and elbows will not appear on the website if the dog is under two years of age. Occasionally, we may breed a stud before the age of two after his hips and elbows have been prelimed.

To minimize the risk of genetic health issues such as SAS and glaucoma, we believe that in addition to the enormous investment we make in health testing our dogs generation after generation, it is extremely important to evaluate the pedigrees of both the sire and dam before a breeding. This provides an additional safety measure that not only are we breeding healthy dogs generation after generation but we are breeding healthy lines.


For more information on Bouviers and health, please visit

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